Here is another etsy treasury I made recently. If you were to tell a story, how would it go? I enjoy all kinds of books; contemporary, historical fiction, biographies…but I do love classics especially Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. I would like to think that any story I had to tell, would be something inspired by these novels. (In reality, my life is happy, straightforward and uncomplicated!)

I have just finished reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn which I really enjoyed. Have you read it? It tells the story of the life of a little girl growing up in the NY suburb in the early 1900s. She lives in stark and gruesome poverty but her parents thankfully recognize the importance of education and allow the protagonist and her brother to continue on at school whilst many of their contemporaries have to leave to get a job and earn money.

Makes me feel grateful for my easy life….

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