Last weekend we went on a family trip to LA, which is only 40mins from where we live and we go there reasonably often for one reason or another, but this time we went on the train and stayed downtown. The kids were so excited about traveling on the Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner and it actually felt pretty relaxing compared to sitting in traffic on the freeway.
On the Saturday we stopped by the LA Library (mainly because it was within walking distance from our hotel) and we got lucky enough to meet a fantastic library volunteer in the children’s section who read stories about dinosaurs, taught the children about helicopters and flew toy gliders in the fabcy library lobby.
On Sunday we went to the California Science Center which gets a huge thumbs up from our family. We were there for hours and still feel like we need to go back and see what we missed. Everything was very child friendly and hands-on and I can’t recommend it more highly. They have a beautiful Rose Garden and it was so nice to see so many people outside enjoying the good weather and beautiful surroundings.

This is my little one and me in infrared.

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