I am from England and living in California, which will explain why our house was the only house in our neighborhood last week with a large Union Jack hanging out the front. Obviously last Friday was the royal wedding, and there’s nothing like putting 5000 miles between you and your home country to make you feel patriotic. Not to be outdone by the festivities back home, we had our own wedding party with some good friends big and small, good food and lots of Pimms. We tried to keep the menu typically British, with roast beef, watercress and mustard sandwiches, quiches, sausages on sticks and a delicious rhubarb crumble. By the time we started our celebrations the newly-weds would have been safely tucked up asleep in their four-poster bed, but we watched some of the wedding highlights online and the kids dressed up in costumes and had their own parade.

The good thing about these decorations is that I can get away with leaving them up for a while. All the way until about July 4. Though I might take down the Union Jack outside…

Want to make my deliciously English rhubarb crumble? You can find my recipe here.

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