I have two children who love making things. Many mornings, they can be found rummaging in our recycling bin for old cereal boxes, plastic containers, cardboard tubes and other trash. I mean Useful Things. We keep a craft center in our dinning area which doesn’t exactly create a sophisticated grown-up atmosphere, but at least all their supplies are close at hand. Last night I made them some sweet matchbook notepads for some stamping fun. I recently purchased a handmade stamp for my etsy shop from Terbear and she was so kind to send me a puppy dog stamp as a gift with my purchase, which I have forced myself to share with the two little ones and they had a great time doing some impromptu stamping outside before school this morning.
My son is 6 and he created what he calls ‘A notebook of effort’ because he said he appreciated the effort I went to to make the notebook for him. My daughter is 4 and just learning about letters. Somehow she managed to completely randomly write the word ‘Loon’ on the front of her book in big yellow letters. She has no idea what it says, but honestly, she couldn’t have come up with a more perfect word :O)

The yellow storage box is part of a set from Ikea.

These matchbook notepads are really simple to make but here is a little tutorial for you so you can use my measurements and create some for yourselves.

Click here for the tutorial.

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