Burda Kids 9504

I sewed up this little tunic a couple of weeks ago using Burda Kids 9504. There’s a dress version with long sleeves and this tunic version with short sleeves. She’s wearing it over a long sleeved tee, since it was a little chilly today.
It’s a great pattern but it’s been a while since I sewed a commercial pattern (as opposed to independent pattern designs) and I had forgotten how awkward they are to follow. I missed having the online support the most independent pattern designers offer. Still, it’s a nice quick thing to sew and I’ll probably make another. I’m not sure if the big slit at the front (underneath the buttons) was really necessary so I may not add that next time. 
I used this lovely soft fabric from JoAnns. They said it’s 100% cotton, but it has a loose weave and I think it’s more like a wool but with the added bonus of the softness of cotton. Not scratchy at all! I love it!

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