Burlap Christmas wreath

I really wanted to make a wreath with my kids. I’d seen so many inspiring ones around and the kids love a good craft so we went to the fabric store and I was drawn to this red burlap. As much as I love natural fibers, burlap is generally a bit ‘rustic’ for me. I prefer bright, bold and modern. Having said that, most of my Christmas ornaments and decorations are wooden and felt because the majority were bought when my eldest was a baby and we didn’t want too many breakables around the house. So actually, this wreath fits right in. Or at least it will do. Once we get the rest of the decorations out.
I bought a straw wreath from JoAnns for just a couple of dollars and wrapped strips of natural burlap around it.

Actually the kids did the wrapping. I was in charge of the glue gun which I dabbed in places, to keep the burlap on the wreath.

The kids even worked together with one of them holding the wreath and one of them wrapping it. (This would have been a completely blissful project in fact, if it had not been for the amount of burlap ‘dust’ that covered all surfaces and us by the end).

My lovely boy. Growing up so fast.

We made burlap flowers which we stuck onto the wreath with the glue gun. The 7 yr old quickly got the hang of making perfect flowers after a couple of tries.

I still need to decide how to hang this up and where to put it. It’s an indoor wreath. I don’t think it would last too long outside. Even in SoCal weather.

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