Cathedral Windows Cushion

My mum is an amazing quilter. She’s always been crafty but in recent years she’s really become great at sewing up quilts. We have one of her handmade treasures on our bed, as do my kids on each of theirs, as well as my three siblings, their families and almost every man and his dog… Anyway, I’m not a quilter but she has exposed me to influences that I would not ordinarily come across in my creative environment and I really LOVED a Cathedral Windows pattern she sewed into a cushion a while ago. 

I wanted to try one of my own – at least it’s not a quilt that would take me 3 years to complete.
Hers was a little more ‘traditional’ in style, but I wanted to make mine bold and bright. I really wish I had the time, energy and patience to make a quilt like this – it’s so beautiful. I wonder how well is washes as a quilt?

I feel like I need a little more practice on my points – my mum is way more precise than me – everything she has made is perfect whereas mine is always a little more thrown together.

Don’t look too closely. It’s pretty though.

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