Chiffon blouse #2

I sewed a chiffon blouse a couple of weeks ago which you can read more about by clicking here and I loved the experience of working with a slightly tricky fabric and learning a few new sewing tricks. I bought this sheer chiffon from JoAnns the other day – it’s in their Project Runway collection – black with orchid dots. I love it though it is extremely sheer and I don’t yet have a suitable top to wear underneath it, which is why Betty Draper is modelling it in the photo above and not me. If you read my son’s comment about my last sheer top, goodness knows what he’d say about this one.
My neckline was a bit wonky and I needed to divert attention away from it I had a bit of left over fabric, so I made this little brooch to pin on. Very quick and simple – here’s how I did it.
Cut out circles using a template. Mine are about 3.5″ in diameter. I cut 25 circles.
Fold circles in half.

Fold in half again.

And fold in half again.

Thread a needle leaving a long tail (about 5″ beneath the knot) and sew through the tip of each folded circle.

Continue to sew on all the folded circles through the tip.

As you add circles, a sphere will start to naturally form.

When you’ve sewn on all the folded circles, tie the needle end of the thread to the long tail you left, tightly.

Finally, sew onto one of these brooch pins.

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