Chocolate crunch

Something my 5 yr old and I love to do together is cook and bake in the kitchen and although this recipe doesn’t involve actually putting something into the oven, it is a recipe she can really get stuck into, so to speak.
First we broke 6oz of milk chocolate and 6oz of dark chocolate into pieces and melted them on the stove over a pan of boiling water.

As it was cooling in the pan, we broke a packet of graham crackers into pieces. One of us nibbled quite a few pieces as we went along.

Then we chopped up some white chocolate into small pieces which we added, along with the graham crackers, to the saucepan of melted chocolate. We gave it a good stir.

Finally, we poured it into a greased loaf tin lined with parchment paper, and put it into the fridge for a couple of hours.

Once it was set hard, I got a big knife and chopped it into bite sized pieces and stored it in a box in the fridge. It didn’t last long.

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