Christmas table

Christmas aside, things have been hectic in our house this week. Among other things and without sounding like I’m moaning because things could be A LOT worse, we have a kitten recovering from an op, a 5yr old daughter recovering from a bout of pneumonia and a sewing machine recovering from its power supply blowing up. All of those things are on the mend thank goodness.
Since we’ve been laying low at home whilst all this has been going on (and because my sewing machine was out of action last week) I turned my hand to prettying up our dinning table with some Christmassy details.

I have a selection of pine cones (some I collected with the children on a walk a few months ago and some I bought from Michaels that are cinnamon scented) and I put them on a plate stand I made using a dinner plate and an upturned bowl.

I’ve been busy making batches of mince pies (they make my husband happy), which are a traditional English Christmas feature. Either you love them or hate them. We like them warm with cream poured on top.

Of course, there’s also our gingerbread house which was put together using the kit from Trader Joes.

The kids and I have been discussing our Christmas dinner, making a list for grocery shopping and putting together this menu. Hopefully it’ll please everyone in our family.

This is the reverse side of the menu. Can you tell we’ve been cooped up in this house for too long?!?!? I’ve never written out a menu card before and we really went to town on this one!

The kids and I also made these little ball ornaments which are also laying on the table. Making them kept the kids entertained for about 15 mins, which was pretty good going.

My 5yr old wrote the names on our place cards. I usually get called ‘mummy’ not ‘mommy’ so I’m not sure what compelled her to write this but I’ve given up trying to work out how the mind of this little girl works.
In all, it’s looking like Christmas here and the kids are BEYOND excited.
Wishing you all the very best for the holidays!

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