Concertina Matchbooks

I have several matchboxes kicking around from my Great Matchbox Challenge, and I needed a way to use them up so I came up with this concertina idea. I started on the project not really sure where it would take us, but my kids immediately knew what they were going to do with them. The 4 yr old made a pattern book with princesses, wheat and grass and drew them in a pattern string. The 7 yr old naturally made a comic book with a funny little story about someone falling over (as far as I can tell).

This is a super simple idea requiring very few supplies but for the half hour that we worked on these together, I was cherishing every second. Their sweet little books are so innocent and I know that my kids are not going to want to make things like this with me forever. Even if these books don’t last more than a few days before they are tossed aside I will keep the memories I have of making them forever.
(By the way, that craft knife I am using in the photo to score the folds on the paper, was given to me by the nice people at Fiskars).

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