Crochet Chunky Earflap hat

Obliging model
I bought this pattern last winter from The Fuzzy Noggin and made lots of lovely hats from it but during our recent trip to Vancouver, I noticed my daughter’s hat was getting a little too small for her. Woohoo! An actual reason to make her a new one. Necessity.
I decided to use the same pattern because it is so lovely and also so well written. Plus, I never quite got around to adding the braids and the crochet flower last year, so this year’s model looks quite different.
As recommended, I used Lion Brand Thick and Quick, in Fig and Oatmeal (sounds like breakfast…) and honestly, it took me less than 2 hours from start to finish.
I highly recommend you check out The Fuzzy Noggin if you are a crocheter or wannabe. The Chunky Earflap pattern is so well written, has multiple sizes and the finished hat has really nice details.

Not always quite so obliging…

…but will work for candy.

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