Decal trays

This isn’t too late to post is it? It’s STILL December, right? Ok good. Then let me share with you a little project I wrote that was posted a few weeks ago on the Spoonflower blog.

You may already know that Spoonflower have added wall decals and wallpaper to their collection. In fact, a while back I used the decal material to cover some glass vases and I’m still loving them. But when I fancy a change, I can simply peel back the decal material and swap it for another. No mess, no stress.

Anyway, I used exactly the same principal for this large white tray I picked up at Target. I covered it with a couple of Christmass-y designs by designer Penny Candy (check her out ~ I love her colorful, fresh designs) and used it as a festive tray on my table over the holidays.

I’m currently getting ready to peel off the decals, ready for something a little more 2013 ~ I’m just not sure what yet. I think I’ll live with the Christmas designs for a while longer, until I decide.

Anyway, you can go and read the full write-up over at Spoonflower by clicking HERE.

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