DIY Headboard

Spoonflower have recently added a lovely new fabric to their collection. It’s called faux suede, and I had the chance to work with it for this headboard I made for our bedroom. We’ve lived without a headboard since buying a new bed about 18 months ago, for two reasons: 1. headboards are…

expensive!! We got a kingsize bed are those kingsize headboards are damn pricey 2. we never found an in-store headboard we liked. The wooden headboards we considered were too overwhelming in a room with a lot of wooden furniture already. The fabric headboards were too fancy or too plain, too tufted or  frankly, just too boring. Making your own is not only a much more economically viable option, it’s a lot of fun and endlessly customizable. Ultimately, you end up with something that is completely unique.

You can read the full tutorial of how I made ours over on the Spoonflower blog. I also used the faux suede in a couple of contrasting prints to make the front of these cushions. The print I used for the headboard is a design by Jennifer Flannigan and I can’t tell you how much I love it. I notice she has a gorgeous shop full of her artwork, as well as a colorful collection of fabrics on Spoonflower.

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