DIY sun prints

It’s summer, the sun is finally here and school is long gone, which means that the kids and I have time to make things like these sun print books. You just need a few sheets of construction paper, some objects to take prints of, and a bit of sun.

Tape the paper down (to stop it blowing away and shifting. If it moves, you’ll get a blurry image). Place objects on top of the construction paper. Whilst my 7 yr old chose whatever interesting objects he wanted, I encouraged my 4 yr old to hunt out different shapes around the house such as circle, square, semi-circle and well, dinosaur…) We left ours outside for one sunny afternoon. It doesn’t take long for the sun to fade the exposed parts of the construction paper, leaving a block of color where the object once was.

We made ours into little books and I used the opportunity to make it into a little writing activity for my 4 yr old because she finds that fun right now.

With a bit of planning and preparation, this technique could be used to make some cool framed artwork for the walls.


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