Father’s day gift idea

FYI, Father’s Day in the US and the UK is Sunday June 19.

In the hopes of actually being useful I wanted to get this out to you a few weeks before Father’s day. It is something I have been doing for the past 4 or 5 years for my husband and all you need is a couple of willing children (or a stack of previously created art work, and let’s face it, we ALL have that!) and a large frame. I remember buying this frame in Target years ago but I know you can get them anywhere.

My husband hangs this on the wall in his office and every year just before Father’s Day I ask him to bring it home so that I can change out the art work for new pieces.

I usually save the best bits of my children’s art work in a container all year round so I have plenty of choice when it comes to selecting pieces of art to put in the frames. What you see here now is last year’s effort as I have yet to replace the art with new things but this year I may add a photo or two as well as the art.

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