Fimo Gift tags

Sometimes I craft ideas comes to me and I have to get started immediately and that was the case with these gift tags. I already had the Fimo for a project that was never meant to be (I can’t even remember what it was – beads, maybe??)
This burst of inspiration was particularly useful to me because I am not the most organized person when it comes to the holidays, and any head start I can get can only be a good thing.

These gift tags were very easy to make, though they do take a little patience to get a neat, clean shape.

First, I rolled the Fimo out flat. I used the rolling pin from my daughter’s play kitchen. It was just the right size.

I used the Fiskars Tag lever punch to create a template and scored the outline of the tag shape onto the Fimo.

And I used my craft knife to cut out the shape as neatly as possible.

I made a hole at the top of the tag but piercing the Fimo with a sharp tool.

For the gingerbread man tag, I used a small cookie cutter I have to cut out the shape. At this point, my kids were getting really excited thinking we were making a tasty treat.

After baking the Fimo and allowing it to cool, I used some Fiskars Christmas stamps to decorate the tags.

I love to use baker’s twine for the string of the tags because it looks so festive.

I used a Sharpie to decorate the gingerbread man.

By the time I got to the end of this craft, my kids thought that I’d make them some gingerbread men cookies, that the wrapped parcels in my top photo were for them and that Christmas was almost here. Eeeeek – this craft is not without its hazards – you have been warned!!

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