Fiskar’s Fall Punches

Have you see the Fiskars limited edition fall punches yet? I was lucky enough to be given the set and though I’m no paper crafter, I just knew I needed to find a way to use them. Especially the squirrel. My kids love squirrels, and I used to like them too until we went camping and 33 of them broke into our tent and ran amok. Yeah, I’m less keen on them because of that.
Anyway, back to the punches. Over the next couple of days I’m going to show you a few things I do with paper punches.
For this project I used the Fall Gatherings border punch and the Got Nuts? easy squeeze punch.

I made a stencil by punching the shapes into freezer paper. I found it best to fold the freezer paper in half with the shiny/sticky sides facing and giving a short, sharp punch through both layers.

With a hot iron, I stuck the freezer paper onto a t-shirt. I also protected the back of the t-shirt by slipping some cardboard inside. I then used some fabric paint and a small brush to paint over the stencils.

After giving it a second coat and allowing 24hrs for it to dry, I pulled off the freezer paper. Don’t be tempted to remove the freezer paper too soon otherwise it may smudge.

All ready for fall.

Making faces at herself in the mirror.

Ok, all done with the photos now, thank you very much.

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