Halloween decorations

Before it gets too late, I thought I’d show you some of my handmade Halloween decorations. I’m not a massive fan of Halloween if I’m honest, but when you have kids, there doesn’t really seem any escaping it. I don’t mind the pumpkins and the costumes (costumes are year-round attire, in this house), trick or treating is pretty cool, and I DO like how it kind of marks the beginning of a couple of month’s of festivities here so maybe I shouldn’t think too badly of it after all.
On top of all that, I really want to make some great childhood memories for my children. I am so aware that the years are ticking by way too quickly and that these wonder years will be over before we know it.
I saw this blog post last year and I successfully vowed not to forget about it for this year, so we have a CLOUD of bats (yes, I checked – the collective noun for bats is a cloud!) swooping into our dinning room.

We have jars of candy labelled with ‘Poison’ and ‘Eat at your own risk’ emblazoned on them (not sure what lesson I am trying to teach my kids here!?!? The warnings did nothing to dissuade them from reaching in and nibbling some treats).

I crocheted this doily/mat thing for Halloween a couple of years ago and with the tiny hook and fine cotton it took to make it, my eyes have not really been the same since. It’s supposed to be a kind of spider’s web, I guess. A BLACK spider’s web (?!?!!?)

I also have some of these creepy guys around the inside of our entrance way by the front door. I used the spider template from Martha Stewart‘s Halloween special and though I can’t find the link on the website, I know all the templates are available online if you want to spend 3 hrs searching for them.

Have you made some Halloween decorations this year?

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