Last weekend a friend ask me to recommend a sweater pattern for her little girl and I immediately thought of the Urban Hoodie by Heidi&Finn that I bought a long time ago. I made it just one time last August for my daughter and it was very sweet. Luckily it was just what my friend had been looking for, so she went and bought the pattern from the Heidi&Finn etsy store.
Reminded that I owned this pattern, I pulled it out and realized that it only goes up to 5T and with my daughter (my youngest) turning 6 this summer, I don’t have many more months of sewing this up for my own kids left. So, of course I just had to make it right there and then.
I had some sweatshirt fleece (leftovers from a project that may or may not be my May new year’s resolution project – you’ll have to wait and see…)

Everything I used I had on hand (I LOVE using up stuff) and although the hoodie is a bit jigsaw-y (the hood lining is a different color to the rest of the lining and the blue band along the bottom on the outside is there because I didn’t have enough grey to finish it off) I think it all came together really well in the end. I used some tiny scraps for the bunting detail (a trend I’m still loving) and although I didn’t have 3 turquoise buttons, 2 turquoise and 1 greenish blue one works, right?

I haven’t yet managed to persuade the 5yr old to allow me to photograph her in it, but that’s ok. I just like holding it up and looking at it and admiring my work. Do you do that? I have also been comparing it to the first one I made and I can tell that my sewing skills have really  improved in a short space of time. I wonder what I’ll be making this time next year?!?!

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