Ice cream cone cupcakes

I am going to lay claim to having invented the idea of ice cream cone cupcakes. Last week. In my own head.

Imagine my surprise following the discovery that people have been making them for years and that there are tutorials and videos on how to make them all over the internet. It must be an American thing.
As I said, there are plenty of tutorials out there, and I read a lot of them. In the end I decided to give it a go my own way.

Many people mentioned about the ice cream cones being unsteady and the need for securing them upright. I covered a muffin pan with foil, pierced holes in the foil and ripped it enough to jam the cones in tight. I was also warned not to overfill the cones with batter so I filled them up to the bottom line of the inside rim. They took a little longer to bake than usual (I put them into a 350 degree oven for about 22 mins) and I kept a close eye on them.

When they were cool I whipped some heavy whipping cream into a frenzy in the kitchenaid. Most people seem to use regular frosting, but that stuff frankly gives me a sugar-rush headache just walking past it on the shelf in the store. The whipping cream is so much nicer than frosting and you can put a big dollop on top of the cooled cupcake…
…and sprinkle on hundreds and thousands. Yes, I said hundreds and thousands.

Keep them refrigerated until ready to serve. You don’t want all that lovely cream to flop.
These were made to celebrate my boy’s 7th birthday this week.

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