Ikat scarf

This scarf is one of my favorite things I have made recently. I bought the ikat in Vancouver a few weeks ago. It is handmade in India and my initial thought would be to use the fabric to make a long scarf with long tassels. I don’t know much about ikat, but I was told that the cotton is dyed BEFORE it is woven, which seems so amazing to me. I don’t know how they manage to come out with a pattern at the end of it. Needless to say, I quickly decided against making tassels on this scarf as I couldn’t bear to undo someone’s hard handiwork by pulling out the threads. So I made a big loopy scarf, following my tutorial on the Fiskar’s website, only this time I didn’t put a twist in the fabric. It came out perfectly.

I prewashed the fabric which worried my slightly as I really didn’t want the blue to run into the pattern, but it didn’t. Prewashing also really loosened up the fibers and made the fabric lovely and soft.

I used exactly 1.5 meters. I used to know how much that was until I moved to the US and started thinking in yards and inches.

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