Indulgent sewing

I really love the various jobs I have, making things, I really do. But I can’t remember the last time I sewed something that wasn’t for work. When I’m writing up a project, and especially when it comes to photographing it along the way, things can get serious. I have to clear my table and make it look like everything is clean and pristine so that the photos look good. I have to make sure there’s great lighting or that my studio lights are well-positioned. I also have to make sure my sewing is neat and straight (which it mostly is, but hey, scrutinize most of my projects and you’ll find a fault somewhere) in case people spot shoddy workmanship in the photographs. As well as making sure the project turns out well, it’s also stressful trying to make the write-up look and sound good too. I’m  not complaining. I am thriving off it all and having fun along the way. But last night, after a couple of days of feeling unwell, I just wanted some indulgent sewing. To make something just for the pure pleasure of sewing. To be able to make a mess on my cutting table and not have to clear it away. To not even have to get my camera out to record each step of the process. It was simple and easy and quick. A breath of fresh air that I hadn’t realized I needed.

I didn’t even make anything for me. Often it doesn’t really matter what the finished thing is that I make. I just really enjoy the process. Selecting a pattern, choosing the fabric, cutting, pinning, sewing….With music on in the background, I can just keep going, lost in the process. Sometimes I feel sad when I finish a project because my moment of ‘being in the moment’ has come to an end. Do you feel like that ever?

I made up a second pair of Summer Place Shorts by Maw Bell Designs for my daughter. The first pair I made a while back was for Rachael’s Shorts on the Line series she hosted over the summer and I loved the pattern the first time around and really wanted to make a second pair in cotton. I used Robert Kaufman Everything Nice in Grey and they are a hit. Fresh off the machine last night, my daughter wanted to wear them to school today, so here are a few photos of our blissful morning walk to school earlier. And ahhh…..I’m feeling better already.

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