Ipad sleeve and Spoonflower

I don’t know how I got so lucky, but you can find me today writing over on the Spoonflower blog. I am completely addicted to gazing longingly at the wonderful fabric designs created by such talented people ~ it’s my new hobby. I’d never have thought I’d be able to design my own fabrics (having the drawing skills of a 10 year old), but Spoonflower is full of so many amazing and inspiring ideas, so I gave it a go and I’m so happy I did. Plus I found a way to do it without having to pick up a pencil and drawing the only thing I know how to draw – a floppy-eared dog (popular in the 80s when I reached my drawing peak).
The first time I designed my own fabric, I used it to make my February dress for my Fiskar’s New Years Resolution project, which I love wearing by the way.
This time I wanted to involve my kids’ artwork. I don’t know if you have kids that grow at an astonishing rate, but I do. They are 7 and 5, and by the end of this summer they will be 8 and 6. This time that they are small is so short and whilst I look forward to seeing them grow into amazing, big people, I just love the way that they are now ~ smallish and funny.
At least I now have some cool fabric immortalizing their childhood artwork to help remind me of these years.
Anyway, if you fancy going on over to my post for Spoonflower click here. I’ll tell you about how we made some block print fabric and I have instructions for the Ipad sleeve I made with it.

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