Kickin’ Back Sweats #2

Have you discovered Stacey from Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh boy! yet? Seriously, go and check her out and while you’re there you’ll notice she’s running a Sewing For Boys year long sew-along which as you know, just so happens to be my favorite sewing book at the moment.
I’m not necessarily committing myself to participating in Stacey’s sew-along EVERY month (I already have my new year’s resolution monthly projects to keep me busy) but February’s project was a pair of Kickin’ Back Sweats (or Mr Two Face pants for the little ones) and I’d been planning a new pair of these for my sprouting boy anyway.
I wanted to make him something comfortable for running and climbing in, that will keep him warm on our camping trips and look smart enough to wear to school. I don’t ask much of myself do I?
Anyway, my idea was to make the sweats from cotton and to line them completely with a lovely soft flannel. I basically made two pairs of Kickin’ Back Sweats and sewed them together at the waistband, flipped them the right ways out and hemmed them at the bottom. I put in extra large hems so that there’s plenty of growing room and I can let the hems down as necessary. They look so cozy on him I’m ALMOST considering making myself a pair of flannel lined trousers. Almost, but not quite.
He’s loving them but I haven’t seen him do much ‘kickin’ back’ in them.

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