Learning from my mistakes….

Ho hum readers….I’m sure no-one (at least, those who know me) is under any illusion about the sewing mistakes I sometimes make and this dress is one of them. I’m not afraid of admitting my mistakes however and I can only hope to learn from them.

I used the Colette Peony pattern for this dress. (I LOVE Colette patterns by the way – all the mistakes that occured in the making of this dress are caused by me, and me alone). See how lovely and slimming it is on the model on the Colette website? Notice how they DIDN’T chose to make it in a baby wale pale blue corduroy (that I think looks ALOT like this….)

Being too eager for my own good, I made a broad shoulder adjustment to the bodice, which is probably NOT the thing to do with this kind of slashed neckline. You can see in the photo below that the neckline just sticks up off of my shoulders and into the air.

While I was at it, I also lengthened the bodice by 2″ which proved to be far too much. The waist is now down by the top of my hips. Also, the front darts reach up way too high and I may as well applique some arrows on to the ends just to be sure that everyone knows that they are pointing straight at my nipples. Nice.

My thoughts :
Perhaps I cut a size too large? It’s a bit loose.
Maybe my shoulders aren’t as broad as I think they are? I did make a muslin and it seemed very tight across my shoulders and I did only widen them by 5/8″ on each side.
There’s no excuse for the very poor fabric choice. Must do better next time.

Have you made this dress? Care to offer any advicce?

Oh dear, I’m going to have to stop writing now. I can’t bear to look at these photos any longer.

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