Make It Easy – embroidery

Welcome to our 7th tutorial in our blog series. I am excited to tell you that Amanda from Flex Family Arts is offering a basic embroidery tutorial that will discuss fabric choices and supplies and will show you how to complete a pattern using a basic embroidery stitch. She is also including resources for learning more stitch techniques. Thanks so much Amanda!

Amanda is one half of the Flex Family Arts team. FFA started when Amanda and The Mister decided to start making and selling embroidery based on original patterns The Mister drew up for her. The Mister already had a recently-opened photography shop on esty and they decided to try opening another for embroidery. They began with classic circus performers and gaffs in their Pilous Percilla shop and branched out into pop-culture images including musicians, tv and film characters and more in their All Night Diner shop. Amanda has been working off and on in various forms of needles arts for about 11-12 years and is self-taught. Their blog, Flex Family Arts grew out of their three etsy shops and has become a wonderful outlet for them to meet other artists and keep folks updated on the goings on in their little family.

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