Make It Easy – fold-a-notes

Wendy has our 8th tutorial in our series for you over on her blog today. She will be upcycling a grocery bag into a nifty fold-a-note. She has me completely intrigued so be sure to head on over to her tutorial and check it out.

Wendy has been making things since preschool, and has only just found her niche in the handmade world, combining wirework with ephemera to make funky, green jewelry. She loves having the chance to use reclaimed and recycled materials in her work—it gives her Inner Cheapskate and her Inner packrat a chance to hang out with her Inner Tree-Hugger. She’s always been a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of crafter, and she finds it appealing to make up her own rules as she goes along. She has six kids (!!!), so she does most of her crafting in bits and pieces, squeezing in whatever she can do whenever she can get it done.

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