Make It Easy – pillowcase dress

Maggy is the 4th contributor in our Make It Easy series and she is going to share with you her Pillow Case Dress for beginners: She has a detailed step by step guide and added lots of photos to help you. You are simply cutting out a basic shape dress and hemming it! She has also included a basic pattern. The pillow case dress is VERY forgiving and this is a great project for the beginner or novice sewer.

Maggy Woodley is a Mum of Two living in the UK. She launched her craft blog Red Ted Art in order to share her craft ideas for both children and adults – hoping to inspire others to “have a go” and “have fun” with their children or to discover new crafts and ideas for themselves. Crafting is something for all age groups and everyone can have a go! Her weekly How To s are aimed to be “easy to follow” and inspirational for both adults and teens, whilst her kids craft aim to please toddlers – 10yrs olds!

When Maggy joined our team of bloggers for this collaborative series, we got seriously lucky. She is a lovely lady with an incredible blog of her own, but she also, almost single handedly, took on the creation of our ebook (which will be available at the end of this series). Having already made ebooks in the past (click here to see her fantastic paper roll craft book) we virtually had a real professional in our ranks and it shows. Our ebook is looking amazing and I am so grateful to her for all the time and energy she has spent on this. I wish we lived in the same country so that I could take her out for a well-deserved glass of wine. Thank you Maggy ~ I couldn’t have done this without you.

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