March blouse

Now that my March New Year’s Resolution project is up on the Fiskars website I can share with you the blouse I made. So I’m just scraping in a few days before the end of the month.

It’s the Jasmine blouse by Colette Patterns and I sewed it up in this beautiful cotton silk called Freeform arrows in navy, designed by Domesticate.
I was a bit nervous, never having sewn with silk before and this being a very expensive fabric. I quickly realized that I needed a brand new needle (the older one was snagging on the threads) but apart from that, it was an absolute dream to sew with. And it’s a great fabric to wear: it just feels very luxurious.
Oh and cutting and matching up the center chevron pattern was a bit of a brainache, but that was bought on by myself. I also spent a surprisingly large amount of time considering whether the chevrons should point upwards or downwards. I went with downwards in the end, but I wonder if there is a rule about such things?
I went for version 1 of the pattern, the one with the longer dangly bits 🙂 though I prefer to leave them hanging loose rather than tying them in a bow at the front like the pattern shows. I like the blouse (mainly because I LOVE the fabric so much) but the sleeves aren’t perfect. I’m considering whether to remove the cuffs completely or to redo them and make them about 1/2 the width they are at the moment. There’s something not quite right about them at the moment I feel. I think they’re a little too billowy. But nothing that can’t be fixed once I make a decision about what I’m going to do with them. For now, I’m just wearing a cardigan over the blouse and all likelihood, I’ll never get around to doing anything about the cuffs.

Click here to read all about my project and for some tips about sewing this up.

Did you make any new year’s resolution plans this year? If so, how are they progressing? Or not?

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