Matchbook Notepads

Matchbook notepad tutorial

15 – 20 sheets of paper 4 x 2.75 inches (these will be your pages)
1 strip of paper 9 x 3.25 inches (this will be your cover)
Paper cutter
Note I prefer to use a paper cutter or guillotine for cutting the paper since it is much more accurate than working with scissors and produces straighter lines. If you are more confident than me (and possibly way more patient) with your scissor skills, you may not need a paper cutter.
Once you have cut your pieces of paper to the correct size, fold one edge of your cover over 1 inch. Slip your pages under the folded edge and staple. Fold the remaining flap over the pages to create the front cover, and slip under the stapled edge to secure shut.

Get creative and use up old magazines, calendars or brochures to make the covers and get the kids to help you (if you have some).

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