Minecraft models

I’d be willing to bet a reasonable amount of money that I’m not the only person living with Minecraft fans. I’m also guessing (hoping?) that most parents know as little as I do about the game. I’m not even down with the lingo, though I WOULD recognize Creeper if he, y’know, crept up on me (or whatever it is Creepers do). I honestly can’t even look at the funny pixilated screen when my kids want to show me something they’ve made – it makes me cross-eyed and confused. I can’t really understand what I’m looking at. I must be old. Really old.

As much as I like to try and embrace my children’s interests, I REALLY like finding ways to do so, offscreen. So last night I had them pick out some colored card stock and they made their own little paper Minecraft models. They are perfect characters to replicate because they are just so‚Ķblock-y.

My son, Lowen is almost 10 (gulp) and he designed these himself and asked me to take photos of the process so that other kids can be inspired to make their own Minecraft models. The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but if you need help leave a comment and I’ll have Lowen answer for you!

We woke up this morning to an entire fleet of Minecraft models. Apparently we have : Squid (blue), Creeper (green), Enderman (black), Snow Golem (white/orange) and Blaze (yellow/red).

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