Miz Mozelle #2

You’re probably fed up with my one awkward pose and ‘away from the camera and off into the distance’ stare that I do on all my photos when I model the clothes I’ve made. I know I am. I’m always thinking about buying a dress form but they are so, so expensive (especially these beautiful ones which are the ultimate in dress forms). Has anyone made a duct tape one before?

There’s also the small matter of housing it somewhere. My sewing room (a reasonably sized room) is already home to my sewing machine and serger, as well as a large craft table and this amazing lighting kit, (which deserves a blog post of its own and which I shall have to tell you about sometime soon). I suppose I could keep a dress form in the closet, but for some reason that seems a bit inhumane. Plus, creepy.
So anyway, for now, here is an empty Miz Mozelle, the second one I have made. You can read about the first one here.

I really love the style of this dress and it would be a great beginner’s project. This time, I decided to brighten up some plain navy jersey with a bright fluorescent yellow bias tape at the sleeves, collar and keyhole. I also added a bright pink button. Pink is not usually a color I choose to use very often, which is probably the reason why I chose it this time.

The dress had an elasticated waist which I really love as it helps give the dress a great shape. It also has this belt to tie around the waist which is a nice detail.

Yep, I love this dress. Has anyone made any other Jamie Christina patterns? I like the look of the Sunny Day dress but halter necks always hurt the back of my neck, so I’m not sure…

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