New house

Some friends of mine recently bought a person house and got this dollhouse with it. Luckily for me their two sons didn’t really want it so they gave it to my 5 yr old! How lucky am I is she?!
I’ve never had a dollhouse this grand (and I’ve certainly never had a house this grand) and it’s in pretty good shape. She’s a real beauty.

There are 3 floors (plus a tiny attic room right at the top).

There are wooden floorboards on the spacious ground floor living area and it has beautifully tasteful wallpaper throughout. (Am I starting to sound like an estate agent?)

I think that with its little nooks and sloping ceilings, the third floor is my favorite and it makes me really wish I was 3 inches tall.

I’m looking forward to giving it some tlc and to bring a little life back into the old place.

Does anyone have any experience with dollhouses? I have found out this it was a kit by Duracraft, this model being the San Franciscan, but from what I can tell, the manufacturer isn’t around anymore?!? I guess that if dollhouses are built to scale, I can get parts for it? The poor thing is missing a couple of doors and windows as well as the steps that lead to the front door. I’m also assuming that there were some staircases at one point too.

This thing is definitely going to be played with, so it’s not going to have a showhome-type makeover, but it would be lovely to restore a bit of its former glory. And it’s funny, but when I’m researching this house, all the images show the front rather than the inside at the back. Sure, the front is beautiful (and if you’d just spent months making the thing, that’s what you’d want to be showing off) but for me, it’s the inside that is the real treasure. My 10yr old self would have loved to arranged and rearranged the furniture (my husband would point out that I’m still doing that now). My 5yr old is so, so delighted with it.

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