Not leggings, jeggings!

Have you come across jeggings yet? I’m sure you have, but for those of you who don’t know, they are jean-leggings, hence jeggings. (Clever, hey?) They are made out of a denim-look stretch fabric and they are worn tight to the skin, like leggings. I noticed some jeggings fabric for sale in Jo-anns last week for $5 a yard and couldn’t resist it. They had a ‘blue jean’ effect as well as a ‘black jean’ effect and I went with the blue. Now, I am pretty sure that jeggings would not be a good look on me, but I love to make clothes for my daughter(age 4), so while she was sleeping one evening I sewed up a pair. I didn’t use a pattern, but I figured her legs are probably the same thickness as my forearms, so I kind of winged it and for once I got lucky! I made her put them on as soon as she woke up the next morning, and to my relief they fit. They are kind of crazy looking, but they suit her. You would say that too, if you knew my daughter.

She wears an AFO (brace) on her left leg, the outline of which you can see under her jeggings in these photos as it is quite bulky. The jeggings are pretty stretchy and even fit nicely over the brace. Don’t you love it when things just turn out right? It doesn’t always happen. I’ve had my fair share of sewing disappointments and I’m sure there are plenty more yet to come, but for now however, I’m going to enjoy watching my crazy little one run around in her new jeggings.

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