November New Year’s Resolution Project

Phew! I’m a little bit aware that  I have some catching up to do on my blog! Eeek ~ where DOES the time go?
We bought a lovely big old house a few weeks ago and moved in just a couple of weeks before Christmas, so recently a lot of time has been taking up with packing and unpacking (or I should say, thinking about unpacking. Thinking about unpacking is exhausting…) Then came Christmas, which is hardly a time to put your feet up, is it?

Anyway, I did want to catch you up with my final two New Year’s Resolution projects that I completed for Fiskars and make a lovely 12 month set of photos down the side of my blog. Didn’t want to leave it hanging on October without the last two projects added on, did I?

Anyway, here’s is November’s project ~ a faux fur gilet (or vest, as I’m becoming accustomed to calling it). Whilst the fur was surprisingly easy to sew, I did resort to wearing a face mask when cutting it up. If you get that stuff tickling your nose, it’s a nightmare, believe me! If you don’t have face masks hanging around the house (I do, but I’m aware that normal families may not), then cover your nose and mouth with a t-shirt or scarf. You’ll thank me. And you’re welcome.

Also, be sure to have a hoover at the ready. Or vacuum. Or whatever you call it. That stuff gets everywhere.

I like my vest, though if I’d lined it, I’d like it even more. I made quite a few adjustments to my original pattern by taking in the seams to be more fitted, and I had nothing to then base a lining pattern on. The original pattern I drew was basically redundant because I’d made so many changes. I guess that’s why a muslin comes in handy ~ to get the correct fit before you sew your real fabric ~ but what do you use as a muslin for a FAKE FUR vest???

Anyway, I will soon share my December project with you ~ it’s probably my favorite!

Thanks for still reading despite my absence recently :o)

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