Paper doll chain

As a kid I used to love making these paper doll chains but I would invariably end up with half dolls on each end because I would fold the paper wrong. So, determined to save my children from a similar miserable disappointment, I have learned how to do it the right way and I am sharing it with you!

Cut a piece of construction paper in half longways. Fold in half, bringing the right side over the left. Fold the right side into the center. Fold the left side into the center. Turn over. Fold the right side into the center and then fold the left side into the center. Finally, fold the left side over. Draw your half person design making sure that your folded line runs down the center of the body. Cut out with a pair of sharp scissors. Never have half people again!
(My scissors and paper trimmer were given to me by the nice people at Fiskars).
Final step is to decorate and color.

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