Paper punch bunting

One day last week I found myself loitering before the cardboard paint swatch shelves of the DIY store and drooling at the huge selection of colors on all these perfectly sized little cards. I knew I had to have some despite not planning on painting our walls, and I furtively began choosing and selecting swatches as if I was. Luckily for me, my 4yr old was with me, and she was very enthusiastic to participate (I THINK that may be aiding and abetting???)
I confess she was a bit disappointed when we got home and I explained to her that we WOULDN’T actually be painting her room but cheered up when I pulled out some Fiskars paper punches I was given.

I ran the shapes through the sewing machine.

See? My conscious is clear. The swatches did end up on the walls after all.

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