Peg People

Last weekend we made some little peg people using these wooden clothes pins and some ‘heads’ we found at the craft store. The heads have holes in the bottom so they can be glued onto the clothes pins.

It turned out to be a good opportunity to get out my box of scrap fabrics. I always like using up as much of that as I can.

Then we got out the paints and painted faces onto the heads.
And some of us even painted hair. White hair to be exact.
And then we used pipe cleaners for arms and cut out some skinny little clothes.
And dressed our little dolls.
I’m usually more of an overseer or facilitator when my kids craft because they end up trying to copy what I do and then get frustrated when it’s not the same or they don’t think it is as good as mine. But I couldn’t resist making myself a little doll too. I had some alpaca wool I had bought in a craft fair which I used to give her her slightly crazed look.
It was lucky I made one too because she turned out to be a nice little companion for the boy doll. He even gave her a hand getting onto the bus. Let’s face it, she needed one.

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