Have you met Kristan from adelynSTONE? If not, hop on over to her lovely blog and say hello. I was browsing her blog the other night and I saw this tutorial she had for pinwheels and I have been wanting to making some since.
I have this cool Eyelet Punch set from Fiskars that I have really been wanting to use (consider this your public health warning ~ I get paid by Fiskars to design projects for their website and they also send me tools and products for me to use for free. This punch was given to me by Fiskars but they don’t pay me to use it or to tell you to use it, ok?)

I started off with a square of paper measuring 4 x 4″ and made 2″ cuts diagonally in each corner towards the center.

Bring one corner point of each side into the middle and have the tips all overlap with each other.

Next, take the Eyelet Punch and hold it this way up. Make sure you are working on a sensible surface such as a craft mat (this is IMPORTANT ~ you don’t want a hole in your counter top or table). Put the black punch end onto the center of the pinwheel making sure all points are overlapping, and pull back on the spring part of the tool and let it snap back. It will make a loud noise and your fingers will tingle.

Turn the tool around so that the grey part is downwards. Take one of the eyelets and put it into the hole you just made so that the shank is facing up.

Put the setter into the eyelet, pull back on the spring again and let it snap back once again. You may need to do this bit a couple of times to set the eyelet completely.

And if you head over to Kristan’s blog you’ll see that she put together a gorgeous little collection of different ways to use these pinwheels. They would made nice July 4 decorations for those of you who don’t still have up your Royal Wedding red, white and blue decorations up.

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