I’ve been anxiously waiting to share this project I wrote for Fiskars, because honestly I love it so much! My kids do too, of course. Which makes it such a success, at least in my eyes.
This teepee was inspired by the fact that the kids and I have been reading the entire series of Little House on the Prairie books. We started with the first book – Little House in the Big Woods back in October and we’ve slowly been working our way through them all; I read aloud to them a couple of chapters most nights before bed. The three of us lay on our big bed and the kids can’t get enough of the stories. Both my kids are very able readers but there has been something very special about sharing the experience of reading these books to them. We’re not quite done. We are on Little Town on the Prairie right now and with two more books after this one to go, I have to say I’ll be sad when we come to the end.
Even though they are children’s books, they have given me (us) a greater understanding of the history of this county and it has tied in nicely with my son’s 4th grade social studies theme this year at school too. I certainly have a better understanding of the American gung-ho, can-do attitude.
My kids want to have a ‘Pioneer Summer’ this summer, and we are all planning crafts, recipes, gardening and activities that will embrace the pioneer way (at least in the modern sense). My husband just bought me this book which has inspired me further.

This canvas teepee is actually very easy to sew, because I worked out all the measurements for you! You can read the full tutorial here.

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