Roly Poly Pinafore

I’ve been wanting to sew up the Roly Poly all summer long, and I finally got around to it a few days ago. This pattern is by Rachael at Imagine Gnats. It’s a pattern that has been popping up on a great number of sewing blogs recently and now that I’ve made it, I feel officially qualified to tell you how wonderful it is.
Super quick and very easy (so for those beginner seamstresses among you – this would be the PERFECT project). It’s also reversible, which of course means FUN for your little one and NO EXPOSED SEAMS for you!
It has just two button holes, which after sewing 13 buttons on my Hawthorn dress, was a welcome change! If you’ve never sewn buttonholes before, this would be a good place to start. The buttons are big enough that there’s room for error, should you happen to make any…
I particulary love the cross over back and it’ll be roomy enough for Tegenn to wear a long sleeve tee underneath once the weather gets cooler. Can you tell how much she likes it?!!?
You have the option of adding pockets, which is something I chose to do. My chidlren like hiding things in their pockets – I find all sorts of treasures rattling around the bottom of my washing machine…
If you’re interested in the pattern, here’s the link :

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