Rudolph gift tags

I don’t know about you but I am having to tell the kids that no, we can’t get our decorations up yet, on a daily basis. It’s hard for them because so many of our neighbors have their lights and decorations up already. We may LIVE in America, but we are still English. And that means we can’t possibly contemplate getting a tree in November. I remember one occasion a few years ago when my eldest was about 5 and he said to me on an early December morning ‘Quick mum, let’s put our decorations up now and they’ll all think we’re American!’ Poor boy.

Anyway, even though we don’t have our decorations up we’re still starting to get into the Christmas spirit. Much of my shopping is done, our beloved wooden nutcracker dolls have been unboxed and are back in their rightful winter places safely tucked up in my kids’ bed (don’t ask) and I made a special Christmas Songs Pandora station which has been turned on more than once.

I spent some time wrapping some gifts earlier this week to send back to England and I made some gift tags for them. Do you sometimes see a craft project or tutorial that just inspires you so much that you have to give it a go almost immediately? This happens to me often, and it happened when I saw this tutorial on the Fiskars website written by designer Lisa Storms. If you scroll down a bit you’ll see her really amazing and clever way to make a little reindeer using some Fiskars punches.

I couldn’t get this little guy out of my mind.

Being on the design team, I am lucky enough to have been given a lot of Fiskars products so I was able to give this Rudolph a try. Lisa used a snowflake punch for his antlers but I used a tree punch I have. You’ll have to go and read the whole tutorial to discover which punch she used for his head. Genius!

I still need to make plenty more gift tags. If you have made some you think I’ll love, let me know, ok?

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