Sewing for boys ~ Treasure Pocket Pants

My second project for my 7 yr old from the new book Sewing for boys is this pair of Treasure Pocket Pants. I like to call them trousers, because pants to me is underwear, but let’s not worry about that for now.

I used a lightweight denim and actually used the back of the fabric as my right side. I loved its washed out, faded look. I can’t remember who the print is by.

And yes, you can climb trees in them.
I changed the waistband on my trousers. The one in the book, whilst cute, I think would be better suited to a smaller boy who might tuck tops in more often that my 7yr old. I made a 1″ casing for my elastic and kept it simple.

The side pockets are such a nice detail. In the book and pattern directions it tells you to use the contrast fabric for the side panel top, but in the photos of their finished item, they used the main fabric for the side panel top. I think I would have preferred to use the denim and though I didn’t care enough to go back and re-cut it, it’s mildly annoying to me that the directions don’t match the photos. Or did I just make all that up in my head? Other people seem to have done it in the same way as the photos….

As well as the great side pockets, I also love how they recommend finishing the back center seam with a Turn and Stitch seam finish. It looks so professional and expertly finished and although it’s on the inside, just knowing it’s there makes me happy.

Another detail I love is the hem facing on the bottom of the trouser legs.

The directions were very straightforward and the trousers themselves are simple to put together. The pattern does have a couple of computer-drawn diagrams which are so overly simplified I don’t actually see the benefit of having included them. I would have preferred a photo if anything, but that’s probably me just being weird.
Anyway, the trousers are lovely and I can’t say enough about how much my son is enjoying them. The cut really suits him (I was unsure about how they would look on an older child compared to the little one modelling them in the book) and they are definitely comfortable (he asked if he could wear them to bed).
And I’m not stopping there! I am currently making the Little Heartbreaker Pants in navy blue corduroy and though the Luka Hoodie is calling out to me to make it, I need to find just the right fabric for it before I start. Do let me know if you make something from the book ~ I’d love to see it. There is also a flickr group for the book ~ I’m sure the authors would love to see your hard work.

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