Summer Challenge

School is coming to a close for us this week and I am excited about the prospect of a long and lazy summer stretching ahead of us. This also leads me to wonder about how to keep the small people in this house entertained.
Last week I remembered a little activity I must have done when I was little and I thought I would share it with you.

Take a small matchbox measuring 1.5 x 2 inches and remove all the matches. You can spend a few moments enjoying the smell of the striking paper on the side (or is that just me?)
Next, download the useful matchbox cover I have already prepared for you here and cover your matchbox using a bit of white glue.
Finally, give it to your child and have them spend a few weeks collecting small objects to put inside the matchbox.

There are 2 rules :
  1. this is for children though parents can help and encourage
  2. 1 million grains of sand does not count. All objects inside the box must be different
If you’d like to participate in this challenge please let me know by writing a comment on this post and let me know the age of your child/children participating. There will be a prize for the child with the greatest number of objects in their matchbox.
Please feel free to take my Challenge badge and share on your blog. Copy the code and paste it into an html/javascript gadget on your blog.
Challenge ends on July 15. You will need to come back and declare your number of objects (photographic evidence posted to your blog might be useful for those of you who manage to squeeze in a huge number of objects…)

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