Summer Skirt ~ tutorial

The days are long and hot here in Southern California and the kids are enjoying running around the garden barefoot and free. I made this little summer skirt for my 4 yr old ~ it’s wafty and floaty and easy to get on and off.

It is loose fitting with a comfortable elastic waist so it’s perfect for climbing…

…and sliding.
For the waistband, I used fold over elastic (often referred to as FOE). For a great video tutorial on how to use FOE, check out Amy’s video here.

I measured my daughter’s waist and cut a piece of fabric 1.5 times that measurement x 4″. (You may want to do less than 4″ if your child is smaller. Mine is an almost 5yr old). Using Amy’s advice in the video, I didn’t cut the elastic before sewing it on, I just pinned the beginning and pulled it tight as it went through the machine.

Next, fold the fabric in half with the right sides together, pin and stitch. (Pinning is optional ~ I have to say I usually live life on the edge and wing it. I’m pinning it in this photo for the purposes of the tutorial and to look all fancy, but honestly, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to pinning. Unless I’m making something super special).

I like to finish my seams by serging them, though you can also zig zag stitch up the sides or open out and iron flat.

Next, cut a piece of fabric roughly 2 times the waist width and 7.5″ long. Again, adjust this measurement if your child is smaller. Sew the side seams together like you did with the first piece and finish the seams neatly. Run 2 lines of basting stitches (a really big loose stitch) along the top edge.

Pull the 2 bobbin threads so that the fabric gathers evenly around the top edge.

Match up the side seams and then pin the top part to the bottom part of the skirt with the right sides facing.

Sew around to join the 2 pieces together and finish the seam either by serging to with a zig zag stitch to make it neat and stop it fraying.

If you turn the skirt the right way, it will look something like this.

I like to avoid hemming wherever possible and also a bit of bright green bias tape brightens up an ordinary skirt. Here’s a helpful tutorial on sewing bias tape.

I hope this helps if you feel inspired to make this cute and very easy summer skirt.

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