Tie Dye ~ part 2

As promised here are the finished things and the kids are really proud of them! Seriously, this photo above just make me smile so wide. I might even have to start dressing them in similar clothes more often….

This was a size s women’s t-shirt that is now a perfect summer’s dress for the 4 yr old. We did nothing other than tie dye it, and it fits her perfectly.
This is the 7yr old’s concentric circles shirt. The sleeves were folded concertina-style.
I also got carried away by the huge barrel of indigo dye sitting outside so today I dyed a white shirt that, being the parent that I am, I should not own. Spaghetti bolognese seems to find its way on it even when we have a bbq for dinner.
So it is now a lovely blue! This has been ‘dipped’ about 4 times. Yesterday the kids were so eager to see their finished projects that they didn’t want to dip the clothes into the dye more than once. I have a little (but only a little) more patience, and waited 20 mins between dippings to get a deeper color and a more even finish. If you are dyeing something you actually want to look nice, I recommend dipping the clothing into the dye at least 4 times.
I LOVE how the white buttons really stand out now.

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