Time to sew {tutorial}

 My kids love making stuff – everything that involves glue, glitter, card or thread and they are happy. I’m sure many children are the same way. I made them this sewing kit at the beginning of the summer vacation, with the hopes that they’d be happy to dig into it as and when. With all the things they need at their disposal, they’re happy just sitting quietly for a little while and get busy. I like to take a step back from whatever they get up to, so that I don’t influence or impede their creativity.

This was a project I was paid to come up with for the Fiskars website and you can read all about it by clicking here.
This afternoon my 8yr old wanted to make a shirt for his extremely well-loved, and grubby, Piglet. So I had him draw a picture of what he wanted the finished thing to look like, before we drafted a little pattern.
Only my son knows why Piglet has an extra leg hanging out from under his shirt…

This isn’t the best photo of the finished shirt but I LOVE that my 8yr old is so pleased with himself AND he’s sitting in a large cardboard box. He hand stitched the shirt (but in fact we are going to go back over it on the machine because the stitches are a bit too loose) and it actually fits Piglet perfectly.

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