You say gray, I say grey, jacket

I used Burda young 7607 with some modifications. Primarily, I made the sleeves 3/4 length and did not line it. I used a thick sweatshirt fabric which does not fray and I serged the inside seams and added this ribbon over the seam at the back of the neck to keep it neat.

I also did not add the shoulder pads ~ seriously I am a giant and my shoulders are quite big enough already thank you very much.
The pockets are really simple to make and I like how just a tiny bit of the pocket lining fabric shows at the edges.

This is the back of the neckline where you can see where I stitched the ribbon over the seam. I think I get away with it because of the casual style of the jacket.
In all, an easy pattern with lots of potential, though having tried to line another version I made, I will probably avoid lining any future ones at all cost. No matter how much I read about lining jackets and ‘bagging’ I just could not get it right.
Am I the only one avoids a particular sewing technique because I know I’m going to fail or do you tackle them head on?

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