Zipper pouch

I’m the room parent for my daughter’s second grade classroom this year and therefore I’ve had the opportunity to go in and take class pictures for our yearbook. I had this nice photo from a few months ago and since it’s both our teachers’ birthday month I decided to take…
the photo and make a little zipper pouch for pens and pencils.
I’d love to boast that I’m always organized enough to make handmade gifts for my kids’ teachers but it  sadly isn’t so. Sometimes a box of chocolates is just so much easier (and more delicious too). Last year I made these tea towels for my daughter’s teacher and I know her teacher loved them so much that she can’t bring herself to actually use them.
This zipper pouch is the perfect size for supplies and I’m hoping it’ll give the teachers happy memories of a great group of kids for years to come.
I had my daughter personalize a little patch that I sewed onto the back for a finishing touch.

I adjusted the size of my photo before uploading it to Spoonflower who printed it onto a fat quarter of eco canvas. I was able to get 4 photos on the fat quarter so I’ve made one pouch for each teacher and just maybe I’ll get around to making something for my daughter with one of the others.

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